How to Prepare For Kerala LDC 2021 Mains Examination With Repeated Questions?

Lower Division Clerk (LDC) recruitment examination is one of the most popular examinations conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission.

Appointment to the LD Clerk post helps to start a wonderful career in Kerala Government Service with minimum efforts.

This article helps you to prepare yourself for the next LD Clerk examination conducted by Kerala PSC.

Kerala Government Higher Secondary School Teacher Exam

Why Should I Apply for LDC Test?
It is one of the easiest examinations to win and the number of vacancies is high. PSC conducts different examinations for each district and prepares a separate rank list for each district.

So the chances to win the LD Clerk examination for a candidate are higher than the other PSC tests.

What are the Minimum Qualifications to Apply for Kerala LDC Post?
  • A Pass in SSLC or equivalent

  • The age limit to apply for the general category is 18 to 36 years

How to Prepare for the LD Clerk Examination?
GovernmentJobsRecruitment is one of the best Kerala LD Clerk exam preparations portals, which provides systematic syllabus-based study tips.

We will teach you how to score maximum marks in your next LDC test. The first step is to explain the new LD Clerk exam syllabus with the mark distribution.

An Explanation for Kerala LD Clerk Exam Syllabus
Before going to write the LDC test, you must understand the exam pattern. The below bullet points will give insights into the next LDC exam pattern.

  1. Question paper sets in regional language.

  2. Each question papers carry 100 questions. Each right answer score one mark.

  3. You can expect 50 questions from the General Knowledge and Current Affairs section.

  4. The time to solve the question paper is 75 minutes.

  5. Each wrong answer burns 0.33 marks from your total score.

Look at the chart below. It explains the LDC exam syllabus.

Section Topics Mark Distribution
1 Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability 20
2 General English 20
3 General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50
4 Regional Language 10

Kerala PSC LDC Repeated Questions Analysis

As we explained before, the route to winning the next LDC test is to practice with the maximum of repeatedly asking questions from the previous year's question papers.

In this section, we analyze the commonly asked questions in Kerala LD Clerk PSC examinations.

  1. Kerala LDC Repeatedly Asked General English Questions and Solutions
    If you carefully analyze the previous year's LDC question papers based on the new syllabus, you can see the following repeatedly asked English questions.

    • Active Voice/Passive Voice

      You can expect a question that asks to change active voice to passive voice or vice versa. You should learn the rules to change the voice of a statement to score this question. By doing so, you can secure one mark in your next LDC exam.

    • Direct and Indirect Speech

      You can expect one question which asks you to convert a direct statement into an indirect statement in the next LD Clerk Examination.

    • Questions on collective nouns

      You must know how to specify a group of things. For example, a herd of cattle, a troop of baboons, a parliament of owls, etc.

    • Change of Gender

      Another expected LDC question from the General English section is the change in gender. You must learn the male and female names of animals, birds, positions, etc.

  2. Repeatedly Asked GK Questions in LDC Tests
    If you are preparing for the next LD Clerk examination, you must go through the commonly asked GK questions.

    It is a vast subject, and it is important to study only the necessary portion of the syllabus.

    • You must know the important rivers, mountains, hill stations, dams, soil type, etc in Kerala and India.

    • Kerala PSC asked different questions about the National Parks and Biospheres in the previous year's question papers.

    • You must check the previous year LDC question papers for the questions from the States and Union Territories

    • Kerala PSC has asked multiple repeated questions in the LD Clerk examination from the topic of the Government Schemes

  3. Current Affairs Questions For Kerala LDC Exam
    You can expect around 10 questions from current affairs in the LDC test. You must cover the following Current Affairs questions to score higher marks in the next Kerala PSC LDC examination.

    • You must know the names of the past two years Nobel prize winners. It is a repeatedly asked PSC question.

    • You should know the names of the important persons in India. For example, the name of the CEO of the Niti Ayog, Reserve Bank Governor, Chief Ministers of the different states, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Central and State Government Ministers, etc.

    • Another expected GK question in the next LDC examination is the name of the popular award winners. Bharatiya Jnanpith award winners, Padma award winners, popular literary award winners like Ezhuthachan Puraskaram, Arjuna, and Dronacharya award winners, etc.

  4. Kerala LDC Expected Science Questions and Answers
    You can expect a minimum of ten questions from the general science category. Let us remind you of the repeatedly asked LD Clerk exam questions from the general science section.

    • You can expect a question on the topic of Vitamins and Diseases.

    • While analyzing the previous years' LDC question papers, one of the most repeated questions is from Human organs.

    • Another important Chemistry question for the next LDC examination is from Atomic structures.

    • Questions from Ores and Minerals were there in the previous years' LDC question papers. You should study the important process to purify or create different chemical compounds, elements, acids, etc.

    • Kerala LDC question papers have at least one question from the topic of Sound and Light.

    • You can expect questions from the topic of Environment and Pollution in the next LD Clerk question papers.

LD Clerk 2020 Exam Date and Cut Off Marks

Which Are The Expected Malayalam Questions in The LD Clerk Examination?

There are ten questions from the Malayalam Section in the LDC question paper. Analysis of the commonly asked Malayalam questions in the LDC question paper are:

  • One of the repeatedly asked questions from the Malayalam section in the LDC question paper is to write the Synonyms and Antonyms.

  • Another expected Malayalam question in the next LDC question paper is from the Literature and awards. You can expect a question from the pen names of popular Malayalam writers.

  • You will see questions from One Word Substitution and Idioms.

  • Another important LDC Malayalam question is about Sentence and Word Correction.

  • You can expect questions from Malayalam Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives in the LDC question paper. It is an important Malayalam grammar section in LD Clerk question papers.

  • If you opt for Kannada or Tamil question papers for the LDC examination, you can expect Kannada and Tamil questions instead of Malayalam grammar.

Which are the Repeated Simple arithmetic and Mental Ability Questions in Kerala LDC Question papers?

You can see ten questions from Mathematics in LDC question papers. Another ten questions from the Mental Ability section. This portion covers the repeatedly asked mathematics and mental ability questions in previous years' LDC question papers.

  • One of the repeated arithmetic questions in the LDC question paper is Profit and loss. You should learn to solve questions from simple and compound interest rates.

  • You can expect a question from Time and Distance portion. One of the common LDC questions is to find the velocity of the train and the distance covered.

  • You can expect questions from Time and Work. LDC question papers will have one question from Pipes and Cisterns. You need to find the time required to fill a tank when a pipe is open.

  • LDC question papers will have questions on Mensuration. You must find the volume, surface area, etc.. of various geometric forms.

  • You should learn how to solve Percentages and Averages questions asked in LDC question papers.

By learning the previously asked LDC questions, you will be able to pass other Kerala PSC examinations like Secretariat Last Grade Office Attendant Test and the Kerala Government IT Programmer Recruitment Tests.

Tricks to Get More Marks in the Kerala LDC Exam
  1. Avoid Negative Marks

    Each wrong answer deducts 0.33 marks. If you are not sure about the correct answer, we suggest you leave that. Negative mark is one of the biggest reason many candidates fails in LD Clerk recruitment test.

  2. Start Learn the Repeated Questions

    According to the GovernmentJobsRecruitment team analysis, Kerala PSC asks repeated questions in LDC question papers. You must learn the repeated questions to get the maximum score on the LDC test.

  3. Avoid Tension

    PSC asks 10th level questions in the LD Clerk question papers. You can answer most of the questions with a calm mind.


  1. how many questions we can expect from current affairs section?

  2. Can a nonkeralite appear for Kerala LDC?

  3. Please put the download link for previous thiruvananthapuram ldc question paper

  4. @ Unknown

    You can expect ten questions from the current affairs section.

    @ Priya

    Yes, a nonkeralite can apply for LDC post in Kerala. However, the question paper will be in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada.


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