PSC Questions Medical Treatment Techniques

While analyzing the most recent PSC examinations, we can see at least one question from Medical Science in them. This tutorial focuses on the most important questions from major Medical Treatment Techniques. You can expect objective type questions like what is the name of the surgical procedure to use extreme cooling to destroy tissues on the body or what is Cryosurgery. One question that repeated in more than one question papers in last year is about Hypothermia.

Hypothermia is a medical technique to lower body temperature to reduce the patient's requirement of Oxygen during extended heart or brain surgery. The below chart will show you the list of the most important Medical Treatment Techniques.

Nephrectomy Surgical removal of damaged Kidney
GastrectomySurgical removal of the stomach or part of it
Oophorectomy Surgical removal of the damaged ovary
Hysterectomy Surgical removal of the uterus in women
Appendectomy Surgical removal of the inflamed appendix

Here is a list of most repeated questions in various PSC and UPSC examinations.

Some more questions from Medical Treatment Techniques are provided below.

Diathermy A technique of generating heat in tissue by means of a high-frequency electric current
CryosurgeryA technique of destroying tissue by extreme cooling
Enterostomy A surgical method of making an artificial opening in the intestines
Venipuncture Puncturing of a vein to inject medicine or blood into the vein
Laparoscopy Examination of the abdominal cavity using an optical device called laparoscope
Cystoscopy Examine the inside of urinary bladder using an optical device called cystoscope
Hypothermia A Technique to lower the body temperature to reduce the body's requirement of Oxygen during extended surgery of the brain or heart