KAS Preliminary Exam Preparation With Model Question Papers

Kerala PSC has issued the notification for the KAS examination to select eligible candidates to build a cadre of public servants as a second line of managerial talent.

Those who get selected for the Kerala Administrative Service will have a chance to get a promotion to IAS (Kerala Cadre). This article guides you on how to prepare for the next KAS examination.

 Let us check the KAS exam pattern and the syllabus first.

KAS Examination Pattern

Kerala Administrative Service examination has three phases. They are:

  1. Preliminary Test

  2. Main Test

  3. Interview

This article focuses on how to prepare for KAS Preliminary examination and how to answer for the model question papers.

Kerala PSC KAS Preliminary Examination Mark Distribution

Let us check the details of the study papers in the KAS Preliminary exam and the maximum marks for each section.

KAS Prelim has two papers. Each paper has a maximum mark of 100, and the duration of each paper is 90 minutes.

The charts provided below will help you understand the structure of the Kerala Administrative Service Preliminary examination.

Let us check the KAS Preliminary Paper 1.

PaperTopic of Papers Mode of Exam Medium Mark Duration
Paper I General Studies Objective Multiple Choice English 100 90 Minutes

The below chart explains the KAS Preliminary exam Paper 2.

PaperTopic of Papers Mode of Exam Medium Mark
Paper 2-Part I .General StudiesObjective Multiple ChoiceEnglish50
Paper 2-Part II Language Proficiency Malayalam/Tamil/KannadaObjective Multiple ChoiceMalayalam/Tamil/Kannada30
Paper 2- LanguageLanguage Proficiency EnglishObjective Multiple ChoiceEnglish20

The mode of KAS Preliminary examination is Objective Type Multiple Choice. You need to fill the OMR sheets with the correct code.

What is the Syllabus Of the KAS Preliminary Examination?

Kerala PSC has uploaded the detailed syllabus for the next Kerala Administrative Service Preliminary Examination. You can download it from the Kerala PSC website by following the link below.


To know more about the Kerala Administrative Service examination, visit the link below.

Eligibility to Apply For Kerala Administrative Service Exam

Now, let us check the model questions and answers for KAS Prelim Paper 1 -GENERAL STUDIES and Prelim paper -2.

KAS Preliminary Paper 1 Expected Questions and Answers

Team CoreNetworkZ has prepared an analysis of the expected questions on KAS Preliminary Paper one and explains how to answer them. Paper one is General Studies and it includes History of both Kerala and India, World history and culture of Kerala, Indian Constitution, Arithmetics and Mental Ability, Geography.

Let us check the KAS Prelim Paper 1 Model questions and answers.

  1. Expected Kerala History Questions in KAS Prelim Paper 1
    You should study the history of both Kerala and India to score good marks in this section. Important Kerala history questions for KAS Prelim are:

    • You can expect history questions from the 18th century. Expect questions from Pre-Independence socio-political movements and the formation of Kerala State.

    • Another important section in Kerala history for the next KAS Prelim Paper one is the Political parties and important movements.

    • Another KAS Prelim Kerala history section is the Governments, Landmark legislation, and policies.

  2. Important Indian History Questions For KAS Prelim Paper 1
    To answer this section, you should study the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Periods. Model Indian history questions for Kerala Administrative Service Prelim exam are:

    • You can expect questions from major Dynasties and their administrative systems. You may expect questions from social, religious and economic conditions in ancient and medieval India.

    • Struggle for Indian independence is an important section for KAS Prelim Paper one. You should study the important personalities during the period and the events associated with them.

    • Another important section for KAS Prelim paper one is the salient features and major landmarks of ancient and medieval India.

  3. The World History Questions for KAS Prelim General Studies Paper 1
    It is important to practice World History model questions for scoring high marks in Kerala Administrative Service Prelim Paper one.

    • The industrial revolution and World wars is an important section.

    • You must study Globalisation and its impact on the world.

    • Colonialization and decolonization are other important sections in the KAS Prelim General Studies syllabus.

  4. Important Questions From Cultural Heritage of Kerala
    KAS Prelim General Studies Paper one will have questions from Kerala Culture. Model Kerala Heritage questions for KAS Prelim exam are:

    • Questions from Kerala Art Forms and literature.

    • You can expect questions from the Kerala Tribal culture and Cinema.

    • History and revolution of Malayalam language and literature.

  5. KAS Prelim Questions From Indian Constitution and Public Administration
    Indian Constitution and Public Administration is an important section in the KAS General Studies Paper one. Mock Indian Constitution questions for the KAS PReliminary examination are:

    • Functions and Responsibilities of the Union and the States

    • Questions from Parliament and State Legislatures

    • You can expect questions from Constitutional Authorities in KAS Prelim

    • You should study model questions from Human rights, Women's rights, SC/ST rights, Child rights, etc.

    • Questions from India's Foreign Policy and its relationship with International Organisations

    • Questions from Indian Judiciary

    • Fundamental rights and fundamental duties

  6. KAS Prelim Questions From Simple Arithmetic and Reasoning
    One of the important sections in which you can score higher marks in KAS Preliminary Paper 1 is Mathematics and Mental Ability. You will see questions from the following sections.

    • Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

    • Coding-Decoding, problems related to Relations

    • Find the age, find the direction and the relationship between two persons.

    • Questions based on Clock and Calendar

    • Questions based on the work done and basic interests

  7. KAS Preliminary Exam Questions from Geography
    KAS Prelim Paper 1 General Studies will have Geography questions. The expected questions are from the following sections.

    • You can expect questions from Atmosphere and Climate in the KAS Prelim General Studies Paper one.

    • Another important section which includes in Geography section in KAS Prelim is Solar system

    • You must study the Physical Geography of Kerala and India.

    • The soil type in Kerala and India. Questions based on agriculture and seasons.

    • You can expect questions from Geophysical phenomena like Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Cyclone, Flood, and Landslides.

Model Questions For KAS Preliminary Paper 2

Let us analyze the expected questions in the KAS Prelim Paper 2. Important sections in KAS Prelim Paper 2 General Study are the Indian Economy, Science and Technology, and Current Events.

The additional topics are Language Proficiency English and Local Language.

  1. Indian Economics KAS Preliminary Exam Questions
    The expected economics questions in the KAS Preliminary examination are from the following topics.

    • NITI Aayog and Development under different five-year policies

    • Performance of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors In India

    • You can expect questions from the Agriculture Sector in Kerala Administrative Service Preliminary Paper.

    • Indian Industrial Policy and the important Public Sector enterprises

    • You can expect questions from the Economy of Kerala and major revenue sources

    • Kerala model development is a very important section in KAS examination

  2. Important Science and Technology Questions For KAS Prelim
    You can expect questions from Science and Technology. For this section, you must be aware of the current events in the Science field.

    • Technology in Space and Defence

    • Nature and Scope of ICT

    • Energy requirement and efficiency

    • Environmental Science and Biodiversity

    • Green Technology and Nanotechnology

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