Samadhi Sthal Indian Leaders

For those who are seriously preparing for Government jobs and Bank jobs, one of the important sections which decide top ranks is GK. Comparing to other sections in competitive examinations conducted by various State Public Service commissions and UPSC, General Knowledge is vast. So, you will take a lot of time to master at it. However, by smart preparations, you can ensure a high score in the GK section. Learning the repeated questions and answers is one of them.

This post explains one of the most repeated parts in GK by PSC and IBPS tests. Resting Place ( Samadhi Sthal) of famous personalities in India is one of the most repeated questions in Government Job tests. You can expect questions related to buildings, constructions and real estate properties having relations with popular Indian leaders.

I have prepared a chart which has the names of the persons and their resting places. The questions will be like where is the memorial of Lal Bahadur Shastri, or Shakti Sthal is the Samadhi Sthal of which person, etc.

Name of The PersonResting Place
Name of the Samadhi Sthal of Shankar Dayal Sharma Karma Bhumi
Name of the Samadhi Sthal of Jawaharlal Nehru Shantivan
Name of the Samadhi Sthal of P.V Narasimha Rao Buddha Poornima Park
Mahatma Gandhi's memorial is Known as Raj Ghat
Name of the Resting Place of Giani Zail Singh Ekta Sthal
Resting Place of Bhagat Singh is at Hussainiwala
Where is the Monument of Potti Sreeramulu Mylapore, Chennai
Where is the Resting Place of Sree Narayana Guru Sivagiri,  Varkala

The interesting fact is, most of the Samadhis are in Central Delhi, land about 245 acres near Yamuna river view location. Raj Ghat is 44.35 acres in total and at the western bank of Yamuna river. Shakti Sthal is measured 45 acres where Veer Bhumi is about 15 acres land.

Memorial NamePerson
Whose Samadhi Sthal is Called Shakti Sthal Indira Gandhi
Whose memorial is called Abhay Ghat Morarji Desai
Chaitanya Bhoomi is the memorial of  B.R Ambedkar
Veer Bhumi is the Samadhi Place of Rajiv Gandhi
Kisan Ghat is the Resting Place of Charan Singh

Here is the list of resting place of some more leaders in India.

Memorial NamePerson
Whose Samadhi Sthal is Called Narayan Ghat Gulzarilal Nanda
Whose memorial is called  Nigambodh Ghat Kishan Kandh
Samta Sthal is the memorial of  Jagjivan Ram
Smriti Sthal is the Samadhi Place of I. K. Gujral
Sangharsh Sthal is the Resting Place of Devi Lal